Traditional Farming Methods Meet Modern Technologies

Food production and cultivation technology to meet the demand of a rapidly expanding population.

About the Company
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Automation Meets Sustainable Farming

A Bright Future For Organic Food


SmartFarm Organic Technology creates a brighter future by increasing food production to meet the growing demand of a rapidly expanding population, while promoting sustainable agricultural practices that minimize environmental impact and enhance soil health

Through automation and data-driven decision-making, it empowers farmers to improve their livelihoods and adapt to climate change, reducing food waste and creating more localized food sources. By bridging information gaps and empowering smallholder farmers, agritech aims to create a more equitable and efficient agricultural landscape, fostering biodiversity conservation and ensuring a more secure and prosperous global food supply.

Why Organic? Why Now?

Growth in the Organic Market

Organic food sales in North America are currently above US$70 billion with a CAGR over 8%.

Organic foods is the fastest growing segment in the entire food industry since 2010.

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Partnering is the Key

Finding Partners that Share the Vision

Through a series of research partnerships, SmartFarm will co-finance product prototype development of a range of products all geared toward organic agriculture. SmartFarm retains the exclusive right to commercialize and market the resulting products globally.

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Traditional Farming Methods Meet Modern Technologies

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