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Creating technological solutions that will enable farmers to produce organically at or below the cost of conventional systems while adhering to the principles of organic.

Mission Statement

SmartFarm Organics Genuine Sustainability

As science delivers increased awareness about the association between cancers and other terminal illnesses and exposure to pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers, consumer interest in organic food is exploding. Many consumers cite the higher cost of organic produce as a non-starter for them to buy organic.

SmartFarm’s mission is to evolve technological solutions that will enable farmers to produce organically at or below the cost of conventional systems while adhering to the principles of organic, regenerative and biodynamic food purity.

Who We Are


James West

CEO & Founder

James West is a serial entrepreneur whose commentary and work in global capital markets are a reference point for the media discourse around the world.
He acquired Red Dog Farm in 2019 and in 3 years transformed it from a derelict property into a productive organic regenerative farm, which inspired the creation of this company as a result of his own requirement to find markets for his produce and the time to sell it.

Stephen Adams

VP Finance

A seasoned executive with 40 years of multi-industry, international experience in a wide variety of roles including corporate growth strategy, accounting, finance and taxation, international structure and fundraising, M&A, and operations management.

Dmitry Zaytsev

Business Analyst

Dmitry Zaytsev is a finance professional with extensive experience in modeling, strategy, corporate development, and acquisitions. Previously he worked at Algonquin Power where he built complex financial models, prepare presentation and structure transaction for the acquisition of renewable projects. He shares a passion for organic food, sustainable supply chains and nutrition.

Chrystale Capozzi Thompson

Chief Creative Officer

Chrystale C. Thompson has over 20 years of expertise in branding, communication strategies, and digital development. As the Principal of Ecstatic, an award winning creative agency in Vancouver, she has built a solid reputation for excellence in brand positioning, storytelling, and product marketing.

Steven Guevara

VP Media Production

Experienced, results oriented content creator with more than 10 years experience in digital media and broadcasting. A highly motivated and creative individual who is known for being extremely diligent, dedicated and highly organized. Outstanding communicator, who builds trust and establishes strong client relationships.

Partnering is the Key

Finding Partners that Share the Vision

Through a series of research partnerships, SmartFarm will co-finance product prototype development of a range of products all geared toward organic agriculture. SmartFarm retains the exclusive right to commercialize and market the resulting products globally.

Why Organic? Why Now?

Growth in the Organic Market

Organic food sales in North America are currently above US$70 billion with a CAGR over 8%.

Organic foods is the fastest growing segment in the entire food industry since 2010.

Traditional Farming Methods Meet Modern Technologies

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